Tom Cruise's scifi movie Edge of Tomorrow was great, but it was doomed by terrible marketing. It was a box office bomb, not least because Warner Bros. changed its title from All You Need Is Kill to the ultra-generic Edge of Tomorrow — and now WB has apparently changed the title again.

Check out its DVD/Blu-ray cover:


You may notice that the package seems to be designed for a movie called Live Die Repeat, which isn't a great title, but is infinitely more descriptive and interesting than Edge of Tomorrow, a name only mentioned in a URL at the bottom. Even on the DVD's spine, it seems like the movie is titled Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow.

And if you head to iTunes and search for "edge of tomorrow," you get the same title — Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow. So Warner Bros has clearly decided to change the title of the movie for the home video release.

This is insane. Have you ever heard of a movie that bombed so badly that the studio felt renaming the movie months after it was released wasn't just feasible but the smart thing to do? That public awareness of a major motion picture was so low that renaming the movie could only entice more customers? Nothing comes to my mind. And this sucks, because Edge of Tomorrow was actually one of the summer's best movies; it deserved a lot better than a marketing campaign so bungled the studio is still trying to get their shit together. Grr.


[Via Cinema Blend]


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