Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.
Image: Michelle Pfeiffer (Warner Bros.)

While there have been plenty of depictions of Batman on the silver screen to pick from, thereā€™s really only ever been one cinematic Catwoman who captured the worldā€™s imagination and it turns out that at one point in time, Warner Bros. considered giving her a solo movie.

For the past few days, Twitter users have been sharing stories about their past professional rejections with the hashtag #ShareYourRejections and writer John August (Big Fish, Corpse Bride) got in on the fun with a story about a pitch for a Catwoman solo movie that would have been a sequel to Batman Returns starring Michelle Pfeiffer. Sounds logical on the surface, right? Pfeiffer absolutely knocked the role out of the park. But producers at Warner Bros. had a different idea.


August said they were initially excited by his pitch for the movie before suggesting that Buffy the Vampire Slayerā€™s Sarah Michelle Gellar should play Catwoman instead and that there should be a scene in which she...washed her hair?

The producerā€™s thoughts aside, Augustā€™s film sounds really interesting. It would have caught up with Selina Kyle back in her old ways, slinking around Gotham City and taking what she wants before a run-in with a low-level criminal leaves her with no memory of her life as Catwoman.


Batman makes an appearance too, but the movie would have focused mainly on Selinaā€™s life back in Lake City (with Chicago serving as the shooting location) where she gradually recovers and, one presumes, eventually finds herself back in the patent leather catsuit.


Itā€™s wild to think that, in some alternate universe, Catwoman (no, not that one) is a cult classic that made clear how eager audiences were to see a female superhero on the big screen all the way back in the ā€˜90s. Perhaps, if weā€™re lucky, a Catwoman movie like this might actually end up being made if Warner Bros. upcoming Birds of Prey film is a success.