Warner Bros. CEO Says DC Superhero Movies Are "Steeped In Realism"

Warner Bros. chairman-CEO Kevin Tsujihara took a swing at the Marvel Cinematic Universe labeling their DC world as superior for a bunch of completely nonsensical reasons.

Variety is reporting that Tsujihara made these fascinating statements at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media ad Telecom Conference this past Wednesday. Let's start with the first:

"The worlds of DC are very different," he said. "They're steeped in realism, and they're a little bit edgier than Marvel's movies."


Realism? The picture above is of two flying humanoid aliens who were just fighting each other in the air and now the other one his shooting heat beams out of his eyes. As for the "edgier" implication... yeah ,I guess DC movies are a bit darker, but then again there's always Green Lantern and Batman & Robin to skew the curve. Next...

"The big franchises are becoming more and more valuable," said Tsujihara. "You don't have to explain to the consumer what a 'Batman v Superman' is."

Tell that to Guardians of the Galaxy. That shit don't matter anymore. But do we think Batman V. Superman will make a pants-load of cash? Yeah. We do.

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