Warlow explains how his sex powers will change True Blood

We got three of our favorite cast members from True Blood to spill the v-juice about what's happening on the last few episodes of this season. Plus watch the actor who plays Warlow making funny noises, defending Sookie's honor and being generally adorable in answering our Fairy Vampire sex questions.

Robert Kazinsky (Warlow)

How do you prepare to play a half vampire, half fairy?

Robert Kazinsky: There's not really a way. You just kind of have to trust the writers and the producers to create a fully-rounded character for you to play. The beauty of my career so far is I've not really done much that's based in reality. [There's just] Pacific Rim and this and a couple other films I've done. So I've been allowed to use my imagination as much as humanly possible. And this is another case of that. The beauty of it is when I sat down with the producers at the very beginning of the job, they said there's never been a fairy vampire before, so there's no rules. We can do whatever we want.


So you can just go full on method with it?

I can eat, I can cry, I can bleed, I CAN HAVE CHILDREN, I can walk in daylight. And that's an interesting proposition for a show like this.

[EDITOR NOTE: Did he just spill the beans on what is currently happening in Sookie's womb?]

Does Warlow have any sex powers?

I mean… yeah? I should think so. Vampires are particularly good at sex and the fae are also really good at it, so I imagine he's pretty solid.


Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette)

I feel like we haven't gotten enough of Lafayette yet.

Nelsan Ellis: I feel like that too. You should write letters. You have to understand we had a change of the guard. Alan Ball left, and then we had Mark Hudis, and then he left. So now we have Brian Buckner. Now we have somebody that will hopefully make the show stable. We changed two creative directors. I hope that with Brian stable we'll have something where Lafayette and Tara, and and a couple of other people, can have a stable storyline.


Because Lafayette has a superpower now. He can channel the dead.

I can channel the dead, and I've got a demon in me. I can channel the dead, and I can destroy people.


And they're putting you on nanny duty.

I know, right? Taking care of a little baby.

Michael McMillian (Rev. Steve Newlin)

Are the Newlins teaming back up again?

Michael McMillian: I think what's happened is in season two Steve was the dominant one in the relationship. He was the alpha. And now that table has turned, and Sarah is in charge. It's kind of where she always wanted to be. Because they used to argue about how they were going to run the fellowship and the camp. She knows she has Steve by the balls this year. I think he's just biding his time giving information, maybe getting a little revenge on Eric in the meantime. I think he's playing it one step at a time.


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