Warehouse 13's Debut Is A Ratings Win, But Can It Beat Eureka?

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The first episode of storehouse-of-weirdness show Warehouse 13 was the top-rated cable show of the night, with 3.5 million viewers. That doesn't beat Eureka's 4.1 million debut.


It's also not clear whether Warehouse can beat Eureka's third-season average of 3 million viewers per week. Meanwhile, how will Eureka do in its new doghouse slot of Friday nights? And why aren't both these shows airing on Tuesday? [THR]

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I just finished watching a rerun of it (I was flipping channels and came across it - on the Oxygen channel of all places - how many channels does NBC/GE own? Syfy is showing women wrestling, Oxygen is running sf programs. I'm so confused). Anyway, I thought the pilot was too long/too lite, the characters a little too generic/derivative, and overall it was way too similar to a 'Friday the 13th the series' type set-up. But because of Mr. Rubinek's presence, and the hope that the hour long regular shows will be more tightly written/more satisfying (based on the quality of writing on 'Eureka'), I'm going to come back and watch the first couple of regular episodes (if not more).

The only other problem I have with the show that I have to get past is Eddie McClintock reminding me way too much of a compact David Boreanaz. No fault of Mr. McClintock - if he hadn't guested on 'Bones' I might not have ever noticed the resemblance. Hopefully I will enjoy and stick with the show long enough to stop comparing the leads to Brennan and Booth.