Warehouse 13 is back tonight. To celebrate, we got everyone's favorite star, Allison Scagliotti, to spill details on new artifacts, Claudia's gadgets, and getting caught in a steamy Syfy love triangle. With Fargo!

What can you tell us about the new season?

I think this season is going to blow everyone away. It's edgier. It's sexier. The writers have really found their footing and know what works for the show. And yet, every episode they switch it up. Because everything is just a little bit different.Claudia gets to go out into the field a bit more, and enjoy some greater responsibilities. And she has to deal with all the tension that comes with that. Claudia gets a little love interest a couple episodes in, and that's fun. And we have a brand new villain that takes everyone by surprise. Who I can't talk about at all, because the actor hasn't been announced, but I think the reveal will be shocking.


What type of villain will it be, without revealing who?

I can't. There will be a massive twist.

Will this villain be in the beginning of the new season or the end?

It shows up in the very first episode and actually it's threaded throughout the series. It's a constant presence and a constant danger.


How was filming with Jewel Staite and the other Warehouse 13 cameos coming in this year?

Jewel and Sean [Maher] they were so great. They come up in episode two ["Mild Mannered"]. They were both real troopers. More often than not, we have to shoot at night and their episode we shot in April and it was freezing in Toronto. We pulled a couple all nighters where we didn't finish until 6 or 7 in the morning. I think their episode will be a fan favorite because it's just ripe with comic book mysticism. I think it's going to be a classic episode.

Did you and Jewel share a moment? Because I feel like your character and Jewel's from Firefly, Kaylee, have a lot of similarities.


I did, I didn't have a lot of scenes with them. I think I only shot for two days. Claudia's involvement in that episode isn't until the climax. In which some devices that Claudia has built are necessary to retrieve the artifact that Sean's character has. So there was some distance. Because of the danger there's a great degree of distance so the relationship between Jewel and Sean's characters, and Pete [Lattimer] and my character, are actually heavier than what you see between [Jewel] and Claudia.

What about the other big Warehouse 13 news? You get to go to Eureka, how was that?


Oh my god, can I just tell you that was some of the most fun I've had in a long time. Neil Grayston [Fargo] is actually a really good friend. We met at Comic Con last year. I'd like to take credit for the crossover happening, although I can't. I mean it was obviously the producers and the crew. But at Comic Con I marched up to Neil and said, "Neil, we should be friends!" And he said okay. We were sort of glued to the hip for the rest of the evening. We sort of made a show of what great chemistry we have and how our characters are such counterparts. So when I found out that the cross over was happening Neil and I were both elated! He came over [to the Warehouse 13 set] early May and did such a phenomenal job. His role in the Warehouse/Eureka crossover is really pivotal. We had a blast. Getting paid to run around the Warehouse is a blast and letting the romantic sparks fly is such a blast and a half. And then I got to go over to Eureka, which is such a different show from Warehouse, but I had so much fun. Colin [Ferguson] is hysterical, I actually wound up having scenes with almost everyone. I didn't get to work with James Callis or Salli [Richardson].

They were all so welcoming to me. And Claudia is really an extension of me and they really allowed me to protect Claudia's identity within the context of a different show that has a different tone and a different execution. It was so much fun.


I really do feel like Claudia and Fargo are well suited for each other, don't you?

Yeah, there's some chemistry there. They obviously bond, because they are the techies from their respective institutions. I know every time I meet someone with similar interests it's exciting, it's a turn on. Sparks fly with Claudia and Fargo. However, by that point Claudia's already met the Todd character. A mysterious young lad in the local town that houses the Warehouse, so there's a bit of a love triangle going on.

I understand why Fargo comes to Warehouse 13, but why do you go to Eureka?

People who watch the show know that we have this substance, a purple goo, that neutralizes the artifacts during transport and during shelving in the Warehouse. What we've established is that the substance is actually manufactured at Global Dynamics. Claudia travels to Eureka to pick up a new variety of the purple goo. Once she lands, shenanigans ensue and the problem-solving begins.


I love it whenever you cobble together a bunch of things and the next thing you know you've created this wacky steampunky invention of your own mind, any new inventions you care to share?

You will see a bit of that, Claudia builds a pair of cups that channel energy absorbed from a garbage chute. That will make a lot more sense when you see it. She's going to use her skills of hackery quite a bit. It's second nature. Claudia gets to go out into the field with Myka, which is great. Claudia's responsibility has been amped up. She's a girl that has been on her own for many years desperately hunting for her brother. So the love of her new found family drives her to show her stuff. To step it up.


Claudia is definitely the voice of this generation on the show. She doesn't get flustered, like Saul, with computers. She can juggle lots of tech at once. Is that going to change this season?

Claudia feels the same way about Artie that I feel about Saul. I have an immense amount of love for him and he's experienced and has a lot of wisdom. But at the same time, he's older and eccentric and curmudgeonly and sometimes I like to sass him! You'll see a lot of Claudia and Artie doing that. But at the same time learning from each other. Claudia definitely stands out as the youth on the show. But those years that she spent searching for her brother were years she didn't spend in school socializing, while she's incredibly adept at computers. But if you put Claudia out with people her own age in a social setting and she sort of turns in on herself. I certainly relate to that, and I think a lot of teenage girls and boys relate to that as well.

So you became friends with Neil, have you guys ever connected with David Blue from SGU, and sat around and talked about the weight of being this kind of character? Do you feel a lot of weight playing this sort of character.


Absolutely. As a matter of fact, when I was in Vancouver doing Eureka, Neil and I met up with David and we did connect over the fact that we have a lot of techno babble on the show, we have a lot of sort of bumbling comic relief, but we're not playing two-dimensional characters. I feel as much weight playing Claudia when I played a girl with a mental condition on another show. I think every character has to be approached with a certain level of seriousness. Neil and David and I all, when preparing a scene, we don't just look at the jokes, not just the comedic beats but where is this all coming for us. Why should we be sarcastic when we're in the face of something going awry? It comes from who we are. It comes from the same insecurities that we all have. We're just doing our characters the justice that we'd do ourselves.