Warehouse 13 is going to get trapped inside a genre-bending, wizard-obsessed video game!

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Yesterday's Warehouse 13 panel at Comic-Con revealed what the new guy means for the show, the details of the latest Eureka crossover, whether Mark Shepard will ever return, and (yes!) confirmation of a spin-off following HG Wells in the days of Warehouse 12!


Regarding the addition of Aaron Ashmore as Steve Jinks, executive producer Jack Kenny noted that he brings a different energy to the show, and he particularly plays well against Claudia and Pete. From a storytelling perspective, Steve allows characters other than Artie to handle some of the exposition, as he provides a whole new person to explain stuff to. We asked Kenny whether Pete/Myka and Steve/Claudia were the two teams going forward, and he said they actually would be mixing things up constantly, and by the end of the season they would have sent almost every conceivable combination of characters out on missions.

But it does seem that Steve's presence will have the biggest effect on Claudia. Allison Scagliotti explained that Jinks's complete inexperience makes him the first person who can really be a peer to Claudia, as her age tends to isolate her from the other characters. She also said that the relationship between Steve and Claudia is "very intense" and will build to something "mindblowing" by the end of the season, something that Kenny reiterated when we spoke to him.

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It's worth pointing out that they're almost certainly not talking about a romance here, even if the language sounds a bit similar. Steve, of course, is gay, which Kenny said was just a basic part of his character and not something that would really factor into storylines, which he compared to the way Mrs. Frederick being black isn't something the show needs to touch on. Beyond that, it appears relationships are just generally not in play this season. Kenny admitted the nature of the show makes it very difficult to add in relationships, and Scagliotti said Claudia is too busy this season to pursue any romance.

One of the craziest episodes coming up appears to be "Don't Hate the Player", in which Neil Grayston makes a return appearance as Fargo from Eureka...though mostly as a wizard in a video game. The panel revealed the crossover is set off when Fargo tries to integrate an artifact into Global Dynamics, which apparently ends with the gang tapped in a video game. Saul Rubinek revealed the version of him trapped in the game will be "a Monty Pythonesque Artie", and Kenny told us this episode lets Rubinek channel his inner John Cleese. Plus, Allison Scagliotti gets to play five different characters in the episode. There's also the second Christmas episode, which Kenny promised would be "full of fan treats."

As for exploring more of the show's mythology, Kenny promised we would get a look at Warehouse 12 this season, which is in Constantinople, as well as a part of Warehouse 9. Kenny confirmed they were working on a Warehouse 12 spin-off starring Jaime Murray as H.G. Wells, but he was hesitant to say much more because these things change so much from the initial planning stages.


The show will continue to delve into the regents, and Star Trek Voyage's Kate Mulgrew has an upcoming guest spot as a regent that will reveal a lot about who gets to join the Warehouse's governing body. Kenny promised that the show will eventually reveal more about Mrs. Fredericks - his goal is to do this in season four - but it's often just too much fun to leave her mysterious. When asked if Mark Shepard will ever return as Benedict Valda, Kenny said that he's definitely dead and there are no plans for him to return...but that this is science fiction, and he freely admitted that Shepard will eventually get resurrected one way or another.

We asked Kenny about the possibility of ever going further and looking at future Warehouses - he said it wasn't really something they were thinking about, as it would involve making some pretty bold statements about the future (like if Warehouse 14 was in China, for instance), it might require giving away too much about the characters' fates, and ultimately he's more interested in history than futurism. However, he did mention Mike Judge's Idiocracy as a vision of the future that he found intriguing, so if the show ever does explore what Warehouse 15 or 16 looks like, you might want to expect some agents that make Pete look like a total genius.





Not Constantinople.