This was bound to be kind of an intense episode of Warehouse 13 — Myka deals with last week's terrible revelation, while Claudia gets betrayed by the teenager whom she was seeing as a younger version of herself — but it was definitely odder than I'd expected. Spoilers ahead...

Seriously, the fallout from Myka's cancer diagnosis was way quirkier, and more comedic, than you'd have expected. From the opening scene of Myka seeing the face on a cancer brochure morph into her own face, to all of the wacky daydream sequences where she imagines telling Pete and having him freak out in various ways, this was one of the weirdest ways I've seen the process of coming to grips with a terrible diagnosis ever represented.


It felt weird and maybe slightly tonedeaf — but it's probably also a more accurate reflection of how people's minds go a bit loopy when they get such terrible news. Normally, you'd have expected this show to go a bit more solemn, but the comedic tone sort of winds up feeling more honest in a weird way. Sort of like how thirtysomething handled its cancer plot, years ago.

So we spend the bulk of the episode waiting for Myka to tell Pete the truth, so we can see how he reacts. (While Pete is noticing something's up, but still finding time for "seaman" jokes, silly pirate routines, and paeans to buffalo wings.)

In the meantime, Myka is faced with two massively different approaches to death. There's Charlotte (Polly Walker), who's immortal, along with her husband the Count (James Marsters) and her creepy son Nick, who's eternally 15. Being immortal and unkillable has turned Charlotte into sort of an untrustworthy creep, and when she explains her plight, there's a fair bit of scenery chewing as she explains why she wants to become mortal, along with her son.


Meanwhile, there's Roaring Dan Seavey, the pirate — who's long dead, but has the opposite attitude to Charlotte. Roaring Dan wants to keep his will alive forever, so he can guard his treasure after his death. So he finds an amulet from Aleister Crowley, which lets him create a weird smoke monster thingy and snap the necks of anyone who touches anything.

Meanwhile, Nick is back in South Dakota, playing Steve and Claudia against each other — which is a mercifully short business — and tricking Claudia into getting him inside the Warehouse and helping him de-bronze someone. Nick plays on Claudia's sense of having been mistreated by authority figures when she was younger, and manipulates her sympathies, then pretends to be first Steve and then Marcus Diamond.


In the end, Nick succeeds in getting the alchemist Paracelsus (Tony Head!) out of the Bronzer, and then Paracelsus insists on bronzing Claudia and then destroying the bronzing apparatus — possibly leaving Claudia stuck for good, in another kind of terrible immortality.