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Warehouse 13 defeats poetic injustice with the power of friendship

Last night's Warehouse 13 was a good, solid middle-of-the-road "artifact of the week" romp that reintroduced the crew of America's storehouse for weird shit.


The main thing is, they managed to introduce a new character and actually make him pretty likable and cool, which isn't that easy to do. And they continued the ongoing trend towards Pete essentially being the obnoxious comic relief, which seems like a good use of his character. And they reminded us of why this gang of relic hunters, in particular, are fun to watch.

Spoilers ahead...

So yeah, I'm sure nobody really expected Myka to stay gone for more than one episode. Her departure, rather than setting up a new status quo, simply gave us another chance to revisit why she belongs on the team — as well as the reasons why she might not want to stay on the team. (Like the fact that she's made some serious misjudgments, and the fact that she's found out that most Warehouse agents leave in a pine box or a straitjacket.)


By giving us a "bringing the gang back together" episode, the show reminds us that these guys are a family, and also takes the opportunity to introduce the new team-mate, Steve Jinks — the human lie detector. Steve seems like an agreeably laid-back counterpart to Pete's "hyperactive ferret" act. In fact, Steve seems like a better counterweight to Pete than Myka does, because Steve is able to ignore a lot of Pete's antics and just deadpan his way through it.

Speaking of which, is "Hey hey hey" now officially Pete's catchphrase? He said it like five times last night. Pete has definitely amped up the obnoxiousness a bit — especially when he's condescending to the FBI agent who turned out to be evil. But he also had the funniest bits in the episode — for some reason, the "football and porn" line really cracked me up, and so did his weird joke about the pyramid in the warehouse being a game show. And his attempt to pretend to be a male stripper after his shirt gets torn open was pretty amazing. I have a hard time with Pete as a serious lead, but as the comic relief, he's great.

The episode's actual plot seemed mostly designed to present the team with a situation where they needed Myka's help to fix things — but it also was one of the first times we've seen someone using an artifact as a murder weapon. And it set up the season's long-term storyline about a mysterious shadowy figure who employs assassins and evil FBI agents to do his bidding.

Mostly, though, the centerpiece of the episode was the end, where Myka gets to talk to H.G. Wells one more time, and then agrees to come back to the warehouse. And the way Claudia says "squee" and Artie just pauses and looks at her, then says simply, "Good." The chemistry among this show's cast — now including Aaron Ashmore — counts for a lot, and this episode served to remind us that they're a great trouble-shooting lost-object-of-power-finding family.


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I can't believe people actually like this show. You know if all of you "people" actually stopped watching this garbage the Powers That Be may actually be forced to gives genuine science fiction for once.