Warehouse 13 and Eureka are back, plus an all-time classic makes its TV premiere!

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It may be the middle of summer, but Syfy doesn't care — they're premiering new seasons of Eureka and Warehouse 13, plus a new series. There's new True Blood, Futurama, Doctor Who, and more. Plus a classic movie's TV debut!


Today's pick of the day is Large Dangerous Rocket Ships (L.D.R.S.) hosted by MythBusters' Kari Byron, on the Science Channel at 9 PM. Here's what the Science Channel wants you to know about this awesome-sounding patriotic themed outing:

The most fearless, hardcore amateur rocket builders from around the country gather in Lucerne Valley, Calif. to launch more than 2,000 of the biggest, cutting-edge homemade and hand-designed rockets on Earth.

Propelling tens of thousands of feet in the air in mere seconds, these rockets travel into the sky at mind-blowing speeds and so high that the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) has to shut down airspace over the event. All year long these backyard rocket engineers strategize, plan, tinker, and toy with science and engineering to produce some of the most insanely high-powered rockets anyone has ever seen from traditional rockets to port-a-potties and washers or dryers.

All hunger to send their homemade contraption the high into the sky, and some endeavor to send their rocket 100,000 feet high — a mark that has only been hit once.


And here's a clip of the mayhem to come:

Movies: It's creepy fantasy night! Tim Burton's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is going head to head with Steven Spielberg's Hook at 8 PM, on Disney and Encore respectively. Which much-criticized remake of a classic story will you watch? Well, only one of them has Deep Roy, Doctor Who's Mr. Sin and Scotty's sidekick from Star Trek, playing the Oompa Loompas, if that's any help.


There can be only one candidate for pick of the day today: The return of Syfy's hit series Warehouse 13. We've seen the first two episodes of the new series (spoiler-free review coming soon) and the show is keeping the breezy fun tone from the first season, but adding to our fascination with its main characters. Here are a couple sneak peeks:

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The History Channel is having a MonsterQuest marathon all day. If someone asks you your name and then demands, "What is your quest?" You don't want to have to ponder that question. And at 9 PM, Discovery has a new Deadliest Catch, followed by a new After The Catch at 10 PM.



AMC has a triple-slam of They Live at noon, Superman II at 2 PM, and Superman Returns at 4 PM. Just imagine if Rowdy Roddy Piper was playing Supes. At 5:30, FX has Alien Vs. Predator, followed at 8 PM by Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. Finally, you can watch both movies and understand the birth of the Turducken... I mean, the Predalien.


And then at 8 PM, Disney is showing a 1999 Disney Original movie, Smart House, which is directed by Star Trek's LeVar Burton. A young computer whiz and his family win a stint in a computerized house — which has a mind of its own! Just check out this righteous party scene. "He may end up at the doctor — but it's you who's going to get a house call!" Heh heh heh... uh.

Also, at 5 o'clock Wednesday morning, IFC is showing the all-time classic Woody Allen time travel film Sleeper.



Today's pick of the day is the world premiere of Doomsday, only one of the greatest post-apocalyptic films of the past decade. It's airing on FX at 8 PM, and it's followed at 10:30 by the only thing that could follow up so much awesomeness: Another airing of Doomsday. What is this film about? There's a plague, and it's turned Scotland into a mixture of punk-rock cannibals and knights in shining armor who have stained-glass biohazard symbols. It all culminates in a totally ridiculous Mad Max pastiche. You'll see why we can't stop asking Rhona Mitra when she's going to make Doomsday 2 every time we see her. The only question is, just how much will FX have to cut out of this film to make it basic cable-ready?

At 9 PM on Discovery, there's another Mythbusters: Busters Cut episode. Like last week's "Alcohol Myths" outing, this is an old episode re-edited with some new material and some behind-the-scenes material added. Not sure which one this will be, but probably worth checking out anyway.


The History Channel has a rerun of a fun-sounding documentary called Comic Book Superheroes Unmasked at 2 PM. You knew the History Channel had to be behind the Superhero Registration Act, didn't you?

Movies: Other than Doomsday, there are a few options. Edward Scissorhands is slashing your screen at 7:30 on ABC Family. At 5:05 Thursday morning, Showtime is showing Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Get up with the birds and watch spooky mashed potatoes signal an alien mission to our world.



Once again, Thursday's pick of the day is none other than a new Futurama, on Comedy Central at 10 PM. This week, instead of mocking Twitter and the iPhone, we're getting back to basics — Bender's getting arrested! Here's a new clip:


Movies: The Zac Efron age-reversal movie 17 Again is on HBO at noon. The Terminator is on AMC at 3 PM. At 8 PM, AMC has the 1995 "deadly virus" movie Outbreak, followed at 11 PM and 11 AM by two airings of the Jamie Lee Curtis film Virus.At midnight, Syfy is showing The Prestige.


Syfy provides us with another pick of the day: Eureka is back, and the crazy town full of geniuses is bringing us extra James Callis. The Gaius Baltar actor joins the cast, and it's sure to be a bumpy ride. Check out some clips:
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After the new Eureka, Syfy premieres its latest new show, Haven — it's based loosely on Stephen King's "The Colorado Kid," and it's sort of the dark version of Eureka. It's another town full of special people, except this time they're supernatural instead of sciencey. Here are a couple promos to make it all clear to you:

Also, at 9 PM, there's a new episode of Whale Wars on Animal Planet. Evil whalers are trying to kill some totally righteous whales, and only one group of conservationists, the Sea Shepherds, stands in their way. You'll want to call the Animal Cops on these bastards.


Movies: Speaking of Stephen King, you can also check out his big-screen directorial debut, Maximum Overdrive — which is also the reason why King doesn't usually go around calling himself a movie director. It's a film about an evil alien-possessed truck with the face of the Green Goblin, or something. Seriously. We posted a couple of demented-ass clips from it here. Haven can't possibly be as screwy as King's attempt to adapt his own work for the big screen.



Pick of the day is a slam dunk — Doctor Who is back on BBC America at 9 PM, with "The Lodger." This time-traveling serial has done lots of comedy episodes before, but none quite like this one, in which the Doctor has to pretend to be a normal bloke for a few days. Plus there's a fair amount of Time Lord nudity, including one bit in which many people have already screen-capped the split-second where you can glimpse Matt Smith's dematerialization circuit. Also, for you World Cup fanatics, there's soccer.

Movies: How do you say "No, Mister Bond, I expect you to die," in Spanish? Some of you probably know already, but in case you didn't, you can find out by watching Goldfinger on TeleFutura at 3:30 PM. Also, Flight Of The Navigator is on Hallmark at noon, The Truman Show is on TBS at 1:25 PM, and Five Million Years To Earth — the movie based on Quatermass and the Pit — is on TBS at 3:15 PM.



Pick of the day, not surprisingly, is True Blood, back after giving you two whole weeks to come to grips with that WTF sex scene. The episode's called "Nine Crimes," and here's the trailer:

And if you don't get enough supernatural romance and intrigue — and ABC must be really hoping that's the case — there's a new episode of The Gates at 10 PM. There's a burglary inside the Gates, and meanwhile, that high-school girl is torn between her old boyfriend the werewolf, and her new boyfriend the police chief's son. Excitement!

Movies: Terminator 2: Judgment Day is on TBS at 1:30 PM. Syfy is having monster movies all day, including Hulk and Jurassic Park. Ummm... FX is once again showing both Alien Vs. Predator movies back to back.


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James Whitbrook

The football scene in The Lodger is my favorite bit of the episode. Screw the crappy effort we put in the world cup, England should get Matt in to show them what's what!