Some of the machines that wiped out the human race in the post-apocalyptic rag-doll movie 9 look very familiar... in an awesome way. Check out our exclusive tripod art from 9, then click through to see the metal beasts sleeping.


So all this time I thought 9 would be only young-adult-novel scary, but damn if that isn't a body strewn across the first still. Methinks 9 is going to be a lot more brutal than the rest of the upcoming CG animated films, which makes sense, since Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov are both producing. So which ragdoll is going to get his (or her) stuffing ripped out?

UPDATE: OK so they only have two legs I still think they look a bit more WOTW that AT-AT but...I see what you're all saying.

9 opens on 9/9/09


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