War Is Coming In The First Warcraft TV Spot

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Warcraft is hitting theaters six months from now, but the first TV spot for the film has just hit the web, showing off some new footage of the anticipated Duncan Jones movie.

I’m a huge fan of Duncan Jones’ two films, Moon and Source Code, and I’m really interested to see what he does with this.

Warcraft hits theaters on June 10th, 2016.

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Bronze Sebs Fever


Ok one: good director.

Two: yes it looks like generic fantasy because that’s the only way to bring in the masses who don’t know a thing about Warcraft in a trailer - I mean, tv spot - wait, isn’t that just a trailer? What’s up with that?

Three: you don’t hire Dominic Cooper if you don’t want some personality in your king.

Four: the cgi orcs look excellent, shut up.

Five: Garona, hello - dramatic backstory, hello

Six: They really should have sat on Travis Fimmel for Arthas, I’ve had him pegged for Arthas for years and it’s irritating me that he can’t do it now.

Seven: Because I said so.