War Is a Game (But Still Hell) In Image Comics' New Scifi Series VS

What is war good for? In the world of VS, ratings, apparently. Two races find themselves slaughtering each other in the name of entertainment—and one side is about to discover what it’s like to lose a bloody, brutal conflict, on live TV. Sound intriguing? io9 has an exclusive look!

Just announced during today’s Image Expo conference, VS is written by Ivan Brandon, with art from Esad Ribic, colors by Ive Svorcina, and lettering from Aditya Bidikar. The series will follow one of the best soldiers in the galaxy, Satta Flynn, in an era where war is privatized for the entertainment of the world, with armies treated like sports teams, backed with the funding of supercorporations. Here’s six pages from the first issue to whet your appetite!


VS is due to land in comic book stores this Fall. You can follow along with the rest of today’s Image Expo announcements on Twitter.

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