Wanted Spoilers 06/02

Here's a new clip from Wanted, which is partly stuff that was already in the movie's trailer. But it gives a bit more detail on exactly how Angelina Jolie manages to drive a car while being splayed out on the hood and shooting at a truck. And in case you were still in doubt that this will be a very, very cartoony movie, wonder no longer. [MTV Movies]

Jolie also posed for the latest cover of Vanity Fair. It's not really a spoiler, but here it is anyway:

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@AhnyerKeester: I think the real issue is special effects have gotten better (worse?), making it possible for the heroes to bend/ignore the laws of physics. And, naturally, the lazier writers will use these kinds of tricks instead of using better writing, but it's not like quality writing was ever a staple of most action TV/movies. I firmly believe that if the producers of Lone Ranger had been able to pull off those kinds of stunts, they would have.