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After a year that's given us not only Moon and District 9 but also Avatar and Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, what should people expect from 2010's science fiction cinema? One critic is only asking for one thing: New ideas.

The Guardian's Ben Child feels like we've seen a lot of this year's SF before:

Earlier this year, sci-fi actioner Pandorum proved that you can concoct an entertaining - if rather artistically bankrupt - thriller in space by splicing together bits of other popular genre flicks: in this case, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien and Brit horror flick The Descent... [W]ouldn't it be nice if 2010 saw just a little more originality entering the sci-fi arena? So far this year we've had Avatar (supremely entertaining but predicated on every space opera cliche from Star Wars onwards, via a bit of Dances With Wolves, Princess Mononoke and Ferngully), Moon (very much picking up where the likes of Solaris, Dark Star and Silent Runnings left off) and the aforementioned Pandorum. The only truly inventive flick that springs to mind is District 9, Neil Blomkamp's excellent satire of apartheid era South Africa, and even that managed to rock out the exosuit battle scene from James Cameron's Aliens for its barnstorming denouement.


We're tempted to offer up the usual "There is no such thing as a new story" excuse, but it's a good point; even this year's "new" stories have been very familiar. Even with the new voices coming into SF cinema, are we running out of new things for them to say?

Where should sci-fi boldly go in 2010? []

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