We got to see a special preview of footage from Wanted, a super-assassin movie based on a comic book by Mark Millar (creator of Marvel's Civil War series), and starring Angelina Jolie as a scary, tattooed killer. Director Timur Bekmambetov couldn't be here, but star James McAvoy was able to answer a bunch of questions. First, however, let's talk about 5-minute clip we saw, which was full of eyeball-peeling action and the only example I have ever seen on film in which there is a combination of upskirting, spicy-handed shooting, car-chasing, and head-in-thigh-pincer action.

The scene takes place early in the film, before James McAvoy's character Wesley joins a secret cadre of super-powered assassins who are trying to alter the fate of the world by killing off people who might interfere their plans to dominate the world. He's a working stiff in a supermarket when suddenly a grim, tattooed, leggy Fox (Jolie) comes in and starts having the world's coolest gunfight with some random dude. There's intense bullet-eye view stuff (watch the bullet as it zooms through an entire supermarket shelf of cereal!) and lots of very loud firepower. Eventually she rescues Wesley from the fight, pulls him into her ultra-slick sports car, and we're treated to a zoomy truck vs. car chase โ€” the bad guy (or is it the good guy?) has stolen a truck full of bobbleheads and is trying to run Fox and Wesley down.


Fox uses a forcefield power, and we see Wesley developing his superpower of perfect aim when he manages to shoot a bullet that curves around her head to get at the bad guy. But the best part is when Fox wants to shoot at the bad guy while still driving. She knocks out the windshield, sits on the dashboard, and lets Wesley upskirt her while she shoots with both hands upsidown. Imagine this: grumbling car noises, flashes of Jolie's thigh, pouding bullet sounds, shot of Jolie's lovely feet in high-heeled shoes on the steering wheel โ€” yes she's DRIVING while smashing Wesley's head between her thighs and giving us crotch shots and shooting.

Did I mention that I'm excited about this movie?

After the clip, McAvoy came out and blushed and Scottish-talked his way through a bunch of questions.


On what the writer of the original comic book thinks:

"Mark Millar has seen the film and likes it."

On whether there will be heroes and villains in the movie:

"There are no supervillains. We are all questionable figures. All the good guys are doing things that are really questionable. They're assassins. They're killing people and we don't know if it's for good reasons or not. It's all to do with fate."


On acting in big-budget American flicks after doing small UK films:

"Acting in a picture like this is so physical, lots of physical work. Plus acting. I think to myself, wow I'm going to have to climb that and then I have to cry. Which do I focus on more?"