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io9 is looking to fill two positions starting in February: Intern and Graphic Designer. We've gotten a lot of your resumes for writing jobs, but right now we're ONLY looking for an intern and a graphic designer, so please don't send your resume in unless you are interested in one of the jobs we actually have available. Here's what we need from the people who will fill these jobs.


Intern: An intern works 5 - 10 hours per week doing research, fact-checking, and contacting sources in the science and entertainment industries for story ideas and information. You must be detail-oriented, obsessed with science and/or science fiction, and able to work very quickly. Day-to-day, the job involves seeking out story ideas and helping editors gather more data for stories they're working on. Send us your resume and URLs for three samples of your writing.

Graphic designer: The graphic designer works 20 hours per week producing original art and illustrations for posts. This might mean doing Photoshoppery on pictures, creating art to go with a story about nanobots, or doing beautiful information design in charts, graphs, maps, and more. Must have at least 2 years experience, and be available throughout the day to coordinate with editors on illustrations for posts. Please send resume and a URL for your portfolio.

Email resumes, with URLs, to tips@io9.com with the subject line "job application." WE WILL NOT LOOK AT RESUMES SENT AFTER FEB 20. Do not send us anything on paper. Do not send us gigantic attachments. Do not try to impress us with your detailed knowledge of obscure details in science fiction novels. OK, well, if you do that we won't mind.


Annalee Newitz

@PriorMarcus: All jobs except at intern level require experience. Sorry!