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Want To See The History Of The Computer In Under Four Minutes?

Illustration for article titled Want To See The History Of The Computer In Under Four Minutes?

There are some who'd try to convince you that the history of computing is a lengthy and in depth topic that would take literally hours - maybe even days - to explain properly. Those poor souls have obviously never heard of Superbrothers, the Canadian animators who have managed to crush the whole thing down to under four minutes, put it to awesome music from Jim Guthrie, and turn it all into a pixelated dance-off between two scientists. Prepare for three minutes and forty seconds of the most educational musical experience this side of Schoolhouse Rock.The 'brothers themselves explain the animation thusly:

Following an early morning status check of their vintage electronic equipment, two computer engineers "throw down" in an awkward dance-off that seems to echo the development of information technolgy and the internet from 1951 up to the present day (!?).


They say that it's an awkward dance-off, but we prefer "awesome".


[Dot Matrix Revolution]

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What song of Jim Guthrie is?