Want To See Appleseed: Ex Machina On The Big Screen for Free this Weekend?

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If you've been wanting to see the John Woo produced cyborg war romance Appleseed: Ex Machina on the big screen, and you happen to live in New York, then this is your lucky day. We're giving away five pairs of tickets for a midnight screening of the movie at IFC Center in NYC for either Friday or Saturday night, take your pick. We've been vocal about our love for the movie, and although the movie will be out on DVD starting next Tuesday, it really takes a huge screen to appreciate the animation. Find out how you can take yourself and a friend (or just put your feet up) inside.


If we had the time, we might torture you again with another caption contest... but more than one a week might be a bit too taxing on the funnybone. So, if you want to win, please just let us know in the comments below. Please note that you need to live in or extremely close to New York City to take advantage of these, so enter only if you really plan on using these tickets.


We'll be providing a list of the winners to the organizers of the event, and they'll have your name on a list and you'll be good to go. Please note that we'll select the first five comments from folks in the NYC area who want to see the movie. For the rest of you, set your Netflix for Tuesday, March 11th, and enjoy.

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Kevin Kelly

We have winners! I need the following users to message or email me with: Your full name, your email address, and which night you'd like to attend. Please send them ASAP! Here are the lucky 5 who scored pairs of tickets: