Want To Learn The Secret Origin Of Fringe's Best Character?

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If Fox's Fringe has you obsessed with Dr. Walter Bishop, then you might want to pick up DC Comics' rescheduled tie-in series... which tells all about Bishop's history and the origins of Massive Dynamics.


The Fringe comic series - which started in September, before going on hiatus for three months so that it could be reworked to more closely tie-in with the television show - returns this week with a new mission statement: More Walter Bishop. The six issue series will now, in part, follow Bishop and partner William Bell (later to found Massive Dynamics) as their first "fringe experiments" take shape. Writer Mike Johnson - who works for Fringe co-creators Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman's production company - explains what the plan is for the comic:

The A-stories with Bell and Bishop form one over-arching story that culminates in both ‘Fringe’ #6 and the pilot for the show, so make sure you watch it again. And the B-stories are each self-contained short stories. We are all huge fans over here of ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘The Outer Limits,’ the classics, so our B-stories are homages to sci-fi parables like the ones in those shows.


And not only will the series give you new insight into both Bishop and the mysterious Bell, it may - according to Johnson - also give you a glimpse of Olivia and Peter, "[j]ust not in the way you might think." Get your mad scientists theory hats on right now. Once you've returned from the comic store, of course.

Fringe #2 hits stores today.

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I've just recently caught up with Fringe...

my thoughts in no particular order:

- Peter Bishop, has no reason to be on this show, imagine any episode, but simply remove him...not much difference

- Joshua Jackson, not much with the acting skillz

- Dunham, I like her character, and Anna Torv is super attractive.

- starting to get a real 'Alias' stench...big company, secret plan, conspiracy, everyone on the show ever is somehow involved

there are some good moments...and it has potential...I'll keep watching for a while longer...