Want To Get A First Glimpse Of Tron 2? Go To San Diego

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Director Joe Kosinski is already filming Tron 2, and he'll show audiences what he's come up with so far at this year's San Diego Comic-Con... But don't expect it to look like the finished movie.


At today's Radical Studios panel, publisher Barry Levine talked about Kosinksi's summer plans while discussing Oblivion, the director's "illustrated novel" they plan to publish next year:

Joseph Kosinski is directing Tron 2, and last year he did amazingly well at [San Diego Comic-Con] where he showed that test and had 6000 people show up. This year, he's going to have a trailer, not of the entire film, but just what he's been shooting. He started shooting in April, and given his pedigree and what I know about the film and what I know about Joe—the film will be amazing. So he'll show that trailer there.

Probably not what Tron fans at NYCC would have wanted to hear - but at least we now know when to expect to see some official virtual Jeff Bridges.

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BY BRIDGES BEARD! Man I can't wait for this movie. And more of the beard. HAIL THE BEARD.