Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

There are some things in the new Indiana Jones movie that will only make sense if you've read a lot of spoilers in advance — because they're never explained on-screen, but they're covered in depth in the leaks and over-sharing promo materials for the film. It just proves that spoilers can actually enhance your appreciation of a movie. To that end, we have major head-kicking spoilers for the Lost season finale. We also have new set pics from G.I. Joe. And a new clip from J.J. Abrams' weird-science show Fringe. All that, plus new hints about Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Heroes, Chuck and Dollhouse. (You'll never guess which Heroes character will turn into a panda next season.) Spoilers are good for you!

G.I. Joe:

Just Jared has some pics of the filming of G.I. Joe, in which the latex costumes do look sort of ridiculous. There are way more pics at the link. [Just Jared, via Slashfilm]






Spoilerslost/Dark UFO posted another batch of their insanely detailed Lost spoilers, this time for next week's season finale. In a nutshell, our flash-forwards pick up where the season three finale left off, with Kate and Jack discussing whether they need to go back to the island. It turns out the "he" who's now dead had approached both Kate and Sayid, telling them they have to go back to the island.

Back on the island in the present, the others including Alpert attack Keamy, along with Kate and Sayid. The people on the freighter realize there's a bomb that will explode if Keamy dies, but Michael sprays some gunk on it to keep it from exploding for a while. And then Ben kills Keamy. Locke convinces Jack that if he gets off the island, he has to lie about the island, to protect the people who remain there.


Ben finds a giant wheel covered in ice which he can turn to move the island in time as well as space. But when he de-ices and turns the wheel, Ben is teleported as well (presumably to the desert, where we saw him wearing a parka.) We see the island and its surrounding islands all shift around. Meanwhile, Lapidus picks up Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Sayid in his helicopter — but the chopper is damaged and can't hold all of them, so Sawyer elects to stay behind. Sawyer and Kate smooch.

When Keamy's bomb goes off, Michael is killed, and Jin is thrown in the water. Jack, Kate and Sayid make it to the freighter and grab Sun and Aaron — but they decide not to go back for Jin, who may still be alive, because Jack says there's no room in the chopper.

And then we're back at the scene from last year's finale, where Jack is looking down at a coffin. Ben approaches and tells Jack they have to take the person in the coffin back to the island, when they go back... and the person in the coffin turns out to be Locke!


That's just the barebones summary. Spoilerslost has way more detail, and all ad revenue on the site is currently going to a women's breast cancer charity. [SpoilersLost]


A typical Dollhouse episode will see amnesiac puppet Echo (Eliza Dushku) cycle through three or four different personalities. In the pilot, she acts out a "Mexican spaghetti Western" and a 1940s musical comedy. The first seven episodes will feature "largely stand-alone stories and an evolving subplot of an MIA doll." Oh, and creator Joss Whedon has faith (no pun intended) that things with Fox will be different than they were for his doomed space-Western Firefly, now that there's a new regime. [Entertainment Weekly]



In the Chuck season opener, Casey (Adam Baldwin) gets gassed by a villain named Colt when he's trying to ship a cypher securely. Casey is in agony and on the brink of death — and Chuck and fellow agent Sarah are Colt's next targets. Also, with Chuck's sister now engaged, Sarah will become Chuck's new roommate. And Sarah gets a new day job at a "Pinkberry-type joint." [Spoiler Geeks]

Battlestar Galactica:

Remember that Battlestar Galactica spoiler we had ages ago, that Starbuck finds her own crashed Raptor and dead body, and lights them on fire? Apparently the "chatter" on the BSG fan forums is that this happens in the "Cylon City." (On the Cylon homeworld? Or elsewhere?) [Cool Scifi]



Smallville's Lex Luthor will be "missing" as season eight begins, with the new character "Tess" going over his assets. But there's still some hope Lex may reappear for guest spots at some point. And if actress Laura Vandervoort doesn't want to come back, then her Supergirl character may remain trapped in the Phantom Zone indefinitely. But the Martian Manhunter, Brainiac and Green Arrow may be back. [Kryptonsite]


On the heels of the first trailer for J. J. Abrams FBI/mad-scientist show Fringe, here's our first clip, in which Anna Torv investigates a plane full of dead people and then consents to a dangerous "mind meld" procedure to communicate with her comatose partner/boyfriend. [Trek Movie]



OMG Heroes spoilers in this new AP video. Apparently the good guys domesticate Sylar and he's like a cute panda. (Which actually would make me want to watch the show, but I think they're kidding.) Also, Peter has "a little more searching to do" after his mistakes in season two. Hiro, meanwhile, inherits his dad's company, and is unhappy about it, and then he meets his arch-nemesis the speedster Daphne. Also, we deal with Nathan's shooting "very quickly" in season three. And there are the most boring set pics ever — actress Ali Larter eating lunch, basically. [Ohnotheydidn't]

In another set of interviews, we learn that it would take a lot for Hiro to go over to the dark side. But this season will be "darker" than the first two, and it brings together some characters you wouldn't expect to join up. And yeah, Nathan's not dead. [Heroes Spoilers]