WandaVision's Latest Clip Reveals the Superhero Couple Have a Very Important Date

Just a couple of daydream believers.
Just a couple of daydream believers.
Screenshot: Marvel Studios

Shame they can’t remember what it’s actually for, though.

Marvel’s dropped yet another clip from WandaVision, once again focusing on the series’ love letter to classic black-and-white romantic sitcoms of yesteryear. This time instead of wondering at what’s going bump in the night to disturb Wanda’s prize rosebushes, it features Mr. and Mrs. Vision realizing that it’s a very important date. The problem is neither of them can actually remember why they’ve marked their calendar for the day.

It’s all impossibly cute, and the premise of a lovey-dovey couple trying to dance their way around having forgotten a big date—an anniversary, a birthday, a dinner party, whatever it ends up being—is ripped right out of the rom-com playbook. But given that we already know not everything isn’t exactly to-do in Westview when it comes to Wanda Maximoff and The Vision, no amount of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany charming the bejesus out of each other is going to distract from the underlying sinister vibes hidden beneath the laugh track.


Suffice to say, our anticipation for Friday couldn’t be further through the roof right now. WandaVision begins on Disney+ on January 15.

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Elizabeth Olsen seems to be channeling Mary Tyler Moore’s speech pattern. She’s got it down perfectly.