With the advent of the Star Wars Blu-ray collection, we finally get to see those weird scenes George Lucas left at the editing bay. These nixed sequences featured Wampa attacks, Darth Vader using his brain as a telepathic CB radio, and blue milk.


Here are some of the more interesting scenes. Let's kick it off with Luke and Leia's sexy fiesta, interrupted by peeping droids.

The Wampa attack on the Rebel Base. Hilarious!

Aunt Beru makes blue milk. With this restored, everything makes so much sense now.

Darth Vader calls Luke using the Psychic Hotline.

Jerjerrod, a conflicted Imperial officer during the battle of Endor.

Han being a scoundrel on Bespin.

Part 1 of Luke's adventure to Anchorhead.

Part 2, where he meets up with Biggs.

The Red Leader remembers Anakin Skywalker. Foreshadowing!

Luke gets sewn up, learns who Boba Fett is.

General Veers kicks it on Hoth.

More relationship foibles in the Super-Igloo.

Lost Rebels in ROTJ.

Rough cut of the Cantina.


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