Click to viewZombies flooded Manhattan this weekend. Pulling their golden parachutes and crumbling portfolios, decaying bankers roamed the streets looking for brains and bailouts. This years NYC's annual Zombie Con brought all the decomposing masses out, to paint the town red with the blood of my 401K, while anointing the Wall Street bull statue with their zombie guts. Exclusive undead video recap.The Undead Roam The Streets A Little More On Zombie Con The zombie romp started near Madison Square Garden. The undead dragged their broken limbs through the streets and into Macy's, Manhattan Mall, Victoria's Secret and all the way down to the Lower East Side. After stopping for a brief alcohol fused zombie dance party, they went in search for brains on the train all the way down to Wall Street. Stopping only to crawl all over the Charging Bull, run into windows, spill their undead blood on the streets and make small children uncomfortable. Video by Chris Person.