Wall-E Versus The Shopping-Cart Army

You may know all about Wall-E the cute robot's aeons of tedium on an abandoned Earth, and you may even have glimpsed his torrid love affair... but do you know about his valiant battle with a platoon of shopping carts? The full trailer for Disney/Pixar's robo-classic in the making just went online, and it shows just how textured and detailed the outer-space worldbuilding in Wall-E will be. You also get a glimpse of the humans, swollen and atrophied from years in space.

You can also view the trailer in HD at Apple.

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@Bal-Cleric: I'm sorry. We now have to burn you as a heretic for not enjoying The Incredibles. Harsh, yes, but those are the rules.


/on topic

I am so in love with this movie now...