Wall-E, Social Critic

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The most controversial movie of the summer... Wall-E? That's what one writer is claiming. The G-rated animated movie presents a dire image of a morbidly obese human race, crammed into giant spaceships and exhorted to ever greater depths of over-consumption by signs saying "DO YOUR PART, FILL YOUR CART." (Remember those shopping carts in the trailer?) Meanwhile, the reason Wall-E has been left as the only custodian of Earth is because the human race has rendered it uninhabitable with pollution and heedless consumer culture. Somehow, I doubt the inevitable toy tie-in ads will mention these aspects of the film. [Jim Hill Media]


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I saw "The Last Mimzy" when we got it in at work, mostly to hear the new Roger Waters song, but I was kind of surprised at the product placement in it.

The whole time the writers are beating you over the head with "TV is bad, put down your video games and live a life of nature!" but then every piece of technology the family owns has huge SONY branding on it. The brand isn't even shown in a positive light: the father avoids talking to his family by watching a SONY tv, the son retreats from his parents by playing a SONY psp then cheats on his exams by texting with his SONY phone, while everyone blanks each other out with SONY mp3 players.

All the time these SONY products are depicted as turning people's brains to mush, but I just know that some black-hearted marketeer has done the sums and calculated that enough of us have already had our brains turned to mush to not get the moral of the story but still accept the SONY engram into our brandscape.

So it won't surprise me at all when kids spend two hours having Wall-E tell them to eat in moderation and only buy things they need, not just want, then run down to McDonald's and buy five supersized Wall-E Happy Meals.