Wall-E Meets Peter Gabriel

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You may not want to shock the monkey, but you could find yourself dancing with the cute robot. Peter Gabriel is doing some music for the soundtrack of Wall-E, Pixar's new robot movie. He's creating a couple of new tunes for the occasion, plus putting "some glue" on things he's come up with previously. In a video blog entry, Gabriel describes the movie, including the fact that humans look like "flat blobs in armchairs," due to bone deterioration in space. [CinemaBlend]

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If Peter Gabriel's doing it, I may very well buy the soundtrack, even without seeing the movie. I've got most, if not all his soundtrack stuff, (Last Temptation of Christ, Rabbit Proof Fence, Birdy, even Strange Days and Red Planet, which just have a couple of bits of his). And I never saw Temptation or Fence.