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Wall-E Has Gotten Loose And Is Roaming L.A. Streets

Disney's adorable robot was spotted wandering the streets of L.A., in a fully animatronic version that looks just like the animated incarnation. Watch the video as he rolls up on the tips of his tracks, peers into the videographer's lens, and waves. WALL-E even fields a few questions from passer-bys on the sidewalk . But don't give him any money because he'll probably just spend it on booze.

In April Screamscape blog reported that Disney was going to place animatronic WALL-Es in each of their Disney theme parks. This WALL-E is life-size, standing about 3-feet tall. So if you're planing on visiting any of the Magic Kingdom's warn your kid that they may come face-to-face with a feral robot.[Blink via Slashfilm]


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*climbs up onto bandwagon* I have a Roomba but a Wall-E would be EVEN BETTER! (Don't tell my Roomba I said that.)