Walking Dead Showrunner Writing "Romantic" Omen Sequel Series

Illustration for article titled emWalking Dead/em Showrunner Writing Romantic emOmen/em Sequel Series

Get ready to fantasize about the Anti-Christ! Lifetime is making an Omen sequel penned by former Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara. Only one question will remain: will you be on Team Damien or Team Jesus?

Deadline is reporting that Lifetime has ordered 6 episodes of an Omen sequel series titled Damien. Honestly, we're shocked this isn't a show already. While there were a few Omen sequels showing a slightly older Damien dealing with his, erm, demons, there's yet to be a show to really capitalize on our latest obsession with hot, struggling anti-heroes. He is so bad, but he wants to be good—also he's hot!

Lifetime EVP Rob Sharenow had this to say about the new series, "Glen Mazzara has re-imagined Damien as a dark, romantic, anti-hero and this fresh take blends complex characters with premium storytelling to make something truly original." And if the current Lifetime series The Witches Of East is any indication of what's to come, this series could be very weird.

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EisenBolan, SJW

I guess no one saw Sam Neill as an adult Damien in Omen The Final Conflict where Damien had a romance.