Walking Dead forbids fans from asking about Frank Darabont's departure at Dragon*Con

Last weekend, the cast of The Walking Dead took the stage at Dragon*Con and fielded questions from the audience — with one big restriction. Dragon*Con attendees were told eight times not to ask about former showrunner Frank Darabont.


According to Geeks Of Doom:

The audience was told precisely eight times (yes I counted) prior to the panel beginning not to ask about Darabont. And while the children on the panel didn't have much to say, all three adult actors shared at least one "Frankism" - all the while staying very guarded about Darabont's departure.

Sounds like AMC doesn't want the real feelings of the cast to get out into the media. Which is only going to create more awkwardness in the future.



Why hasn't AMC encountered the full power of the nerdrage about this yet? I don't even watch the show, the TPTB's decisions sound incredibly bad.