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Walking Dead's big New York Comic-Con announcement? They've found their Abraham. It's Bull from Band of Brothers... so the crush continues. Plus they've cast the mullet-ed Eugene as well!

At the NYCC panel, the cast of Walking Dead was met with thunderous applause. But (as per usual) Norman Reedus was the belle of the ball; the audience went absolutely berserk for Daryl Dixon. Two clips were shown [SPOILERS], the first displaying a badass downed helicopter on the roof of a building the gang is about to bust into. It also showcased the new character played by Kyle Gallner. The other clip contained the absolute BIGGEST zombie swarm we've seen on Walking Dead to date. Could this be the "new kind of Walker" everyone keeps hinting at this season? Not sure, but I doubt it. Personally, I bet this is just one part of a whole new zombie attack. OK, now on to the best parts of the panel:

  • First up, NEW TOYS! Southland actor Michael Cudlitz has been cast as big, bad Abraham—who is amazing. Very excited about this. Second Josh McDermitt (Retired at 35) has also been cast as Dr. Eugene Porter. And the panel promised he WILL have a blonde mullet. Excellent.
Illustration for article titled emWalking Dead/em casts Eugene and a badass Abraham
  • Andrew Lincoln talked a little about the journey for Rick Grimes in the new season. He mentioned that Rick would certainly have to deal with Carl's new... progression.
  • Now that the prison crew is better at killing zombies the best way to keep up the action is to throw them off-guard, which is exactly what the show writers and directors are trying to do. Think more swarms, zombies at the gate clumping together, and that downed helicopter.
  • We got to see a few more images of the "moss walker" which is a zombie that has been stuck in a place for so long a tree grew right through it. It will rival the bike walker.
  • The "Richonne" shippers were all riled up when Rick gave Michonne the "up down" in an episode where she's leaving the prison. And it was Reedus who spied it first. The two actors aggressively denied any potential on-camera hook ups. That's too bad; I could totally see the TV versions of these characters getting it on. Not so much the book versions.
  • Video game characters from the Telltale game may make it into this season.
  • The ninth episode of the new season blew Andrew Lincoln's mind when it comes to his relationship with Carl and Carl's progression.

And that is it.

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