Walking Dead casts a familiar Doctor Who face as the Governor

Forget the zombies, the sadistic Governor of Woodbury is the scariest thing about The Walking Dead. So who has the evil stones to portray the zombie-baiting, limb-chopping madman? AMC has found its Governor in an actor who will be familiar to Doctor Who fans.


David Morrissey has been cast as the Governor for the third season of The Walking Dead. You may remember Morrissey as the faux-Doctor Jackson Lake from the Doctor Who episode "The Next Doctor." Even if you haven't watched him aim his sonic screwdriver alongside David Tennant, you may have seen Morrissey in any number of British dramas, including Red Riding, State of Play, Blackpool, and Sense and Sensibility.

Appropriately, David Morrissey is fresh off a turn as Macbeth's murderous king. Let's hope he'll channel some of that viciousness for the Governor.

David Morrissey Cast as The Governor in The Walking Dead Season 3 [AMCTV — Hat tip to RadioSilence]

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