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Wait, They Want To Put More Camera Confessionals Into Blair Witch?

Illustration for article titled Wait, They Want To Put More Camera Confessionals Into Blair Witch?

The one thing I didn't think the The Blair Witch Project needed was more camera talky time. Still, they're planning to release never-before-seen footage of poetry readings and confessionals.


So what didn't this stuff make the cut in the movie's original release? In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez's revealed that there was a poetry jam session that ended up on the cutting room floor along with one more Mike confessional.

There’s a great confessional with Mike that didn’t make the movie. He also had this great scene in the woods where he lost his mind, started punching trees, it was really hardcore,” says Myrick. “There’s a really cool poetry reading scene in the hotel they spend the night in where Josh and Mike are duelling with their own poetry. At that point in the film we just had to get them into the woods, so as cool as it was it had to go. They shot so much cool stuff and they rolled on everything. I think we could put together at least another hour of really, really solid footage.


So a poetry duel — yeah, I'm not really seeing it. Hopefully, since it is a witch movie, they'll bust out a little "Top That." God knows I'll end up watching all the new footage, some of which is on Rotten Tomatoes right now, because (and here's my lame confession) I had a huge crush on Mike, and I have a soft spot for the 90s trend of fake documentaries.

[Rotten Tomatoes]

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Why can't they just leave well enough alone. There is usually a reason shots or entire scenes get cut.

Next thing you know there will be a special edition Studio Cut of Blade Runner with Voice over and subtitles explaining everything