Wait, Geostorm Is a Disaster Comedy Now?

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Warner Bros. has released the latest trailer for Geostorm, the Gerald Butler film that personifies the term “man-made climate change.” And in the span of one trailer, the film has gone from a dark disaster epic to goofball adventure. I guess someone saw Guardians of the Galaxy and thought, “You know what this needs? Space weather.”

When the first teaser was released for Geostorm back in March, it looked like yet another 2012 disaster flick clone. As a young woman crooned a creepy version of “What A Wonderful World,” millions were dying horrifically at the hands of a super-powered Mother Nature. Children cowered, men dramatically took off their glasses. This was a grim and terrible world.


This is not the same movie. Dramatic looks have been replaced by quippy one-liners, the crooning singer is now the Suicide Squad soundtrack, and what was going to be a teary-eyed disaster flick actually looks kind of stupidly fun.

According to the new trailer, Butler plays Jake Lawson, a smart-ass climate change scientist who can’t be bothered to show up for Senate committee hearings on time because dammit he was just in space. He’s sassy, no-nonsense, and has a blonde daughter he promises to come home to after his next mission. Because of course he needs a woman waiting for him. Wife, daughter, doesn’t matter. Just as long as some female looks up at the sky and misses him.

Holy crap it’s literally in the trailer.

Humankind has taken control of the weather, using satellites to combat climate change. That is, until one of the satellites malfunctions. Or did it? Spoilers: No, it was generic bad people doing generically bad things. They also want to kill the president, because he’s the only one who has the codes to stop the aforementioned bad people from destroying the world.

Okay, who the hell thought only one person should have complete control over the entire planet’s weather patterns? Geostorm, that’s who.


Check out the latest trailer below, and marvel at how $15 million in reshoots, combined with Marvel Imposter Syndrome, can completely change a movie in a matter of months. But hey, at least it might be entertaining now.

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