Early concept art shows the assymetrical arches and white coolness of the mothership in ABC's V remake — and it turns out the startling similarity to a cutting-edge art museum isn't accidental at all.

V's mothership is directly inspired by the new wing to the Milwaukee Art Museum, designed by Spanish artist Santiago Calatrava in 2001, executive producer Steve Pearlman told OnMilwaukee.com:

"One of the things we loved about the design is the "V" built into the architecture," Pearlman says.

Ian Thomas, production designer on the show's pilot — he was unable to stay with the show — showed photos of the museum to director Yves Simoneau and executive producers Pearlman and Scott Peters, "as concept art when we were in the design phase of the Mothership and we loved its scope and the simplicity."

Pearlman says the idea was tailored to the Mothership and tied "to other areas of the ship that we were also creating (i.e. The Grand Atrium and Anna's Executive Office)."


The sets are actually computer-generated, and the actors film in front of a greenscreen, as you can see here:

Want to see the museum that inspired the alien mothership? Here are some photos, from Associated Press:

V is back on ABC tonight at 8 PM.

Museum photos by AP/Morry Gash [On Milwaukee]


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