V's Logan Huffman explains why his character is such a jerk

We love Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell, so it drives us nuts that her on-screen son in V, Logan Huffman, is such a jerk to her. We asked him why this is, and it seems like he gets that question a lot.

Oh, and there are V spoilers below.

We caught up with Huffman the other day, and he told us the show would start filming its second season in August, but he already has a pretty good idea what's going to happen. Anna, the leader of the Visitors, has a mom, as the show's Comic Con panel revealed. And Huffman's character, Tyler Evans, will be "going more towards the Vs... more than he already has. But I think he's going to the point of no return. So it's going to be interesting, and pretty action packed. (Laughs) Generic answers, all the way!"


And now I'm curious about what he meant by "the point of no return." Is Tyler going to be claimed by the Vs in some fundamental way? I guess we'll find out.

We asked Huffman why Tyler is such a jerk to his mom, Erica, and Huffman basically said everybody asks him that. He hopes he can do this coming season to assuage "anybody who is really upset at me" is to have Tyler defend his mother more. "Because Tyler does love her. But remember what you were like at 17 with your mother. Because I think people forget that... I'm supposed to be a young kid who's passionate and wants to escape his mother. It's genetic. We try to our escape our parents. Hell, I'm still trying to escape my parents. Love them to death, they're good people. I'm just saying."

(And yes, that is Seth Green in a silly hat walking past in the background.)

And he added that it's sort of like Erica votes one way, and Tyler votes another way. They have a political difference of opinion, rather than a family squabble. "It's not that he's too mad at his mother. It's that his mother votes one way, and he wants to vote another way. Now surely the masses can understand that." It's like if Erica was a Republican and Tyler was a Democrat. (We heard him telling another interviewer soon afterwards that it's like if a thousand Jesuses came down from space and started healing everybody — why would Tyler be suspicious about that?)

Tyler's just a "scared young man" who's a child one minute and an adult the next, so if he actually finds out that his girlfriend, Lisa, is secretly teaming up with his mom against the aliens, he'll react based on a "pure visceral" emotion.

And Huffman tells us he wants to do more action this season - he's been doing a lot of boxing during the break in recording, "so hopefully they'll work that in." And he really wants to get to hold a gun this year.


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Ooh! Seth Green in a silly hat!

(and some V crap)