Danish director Lars Von Trier, best known for the brutal Dogville and slasher movie Antichrist, is turning his baleful gaze to science fiction. But fear not: the scenery won't consist of outlines and labels, and no genitals will be harmed.

Von Trier says his next film is the psychological disaster film Planet Melancholia, which sounds like it'll do for the science fiction epic what Antichrist did for the slasher film — dip it in arthouse weirdness. Like Antichrist, Planet will combine handheld camerawork with spectacular cinematic imagery in the sparse "Dogme" style. Dogville, Von Trier's film about a woman (Nicole Kidman) fleeing mobsters to a small Appalachian town, featured spare theatrical sets against an often empty background, with structures only labeled and outlined on the ground:

But it sounds like Planet Melancholia will feature actual sets, just filmed in a very stripped-down style.


As for the movie's plot? Von Trier only tells the Hollywood Reporter, "No more happy endings!" And adds that this film will "romantic, in a Lord Byron sort of way." (If he manages to get his sardonic Childe Harold on, there will be oodles of win.) And producer Peter Albaek Jensen adds that he doesn't foresee a repeat of Antichrist's most notorious scene (Spoiler alert!): "Jensen said he hoped no genitals would be cut off in Melancholia." [THR]