Voltron, aliens and Star Wars dominate the best Super Bowl commercials

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Last night, companies across America dumped millions of dollars into crafting the world's most perfect commercial. What did their millions dream up? Star Wars gags, Seinfeld, and the apocalypse. Here are the best (and the worst) scifi commercials from the Super Bowl.

Hulu Plus - Aliens

Will Arnett swaps in for Alec Baldwin in the new Hulu Plus. It's the same alien "we eat your brains" gags, but did Arnett pull it off?

Toyota Camry - It's Reinvented

Starts off soft, then plunges off the deep end with a revamped poop-free baby that's also a time machine.

The Chevy Apocalypse

This automotive apocalypse pissed off Ford so bad, they issued a statement.

VW Dog/Star Wars Cantina

The eternal battle of "commercials with puppies" vs. "commercials with Star Wars" jokes plays out in front of all of America. So, which one is it? The puppy or Little Vader? One thing is for certain, VW is quite good at selling Star Wars. Perhaps Lucas should of hired them to salvage the Phantom marketing disaster.


Acura - First

Sorry buddy, but I would have taken Jerry and the alien over Jay Leno in his flying squirrel suit any day.

Metlife - Cartoon Party

Super cute commercials with lots of cartoons intermingling. Pepé Le Pew's lover is riding Battle Cat! But the best part isn't this commercial, it's all the behind-the-scenes videos of Snagglepuss being dramatic, Waldo messing with the director, Yosemite Sam freaking out, and Voltron doing the robot.

Audi - Vampire Party

So long vampires, indeed.

Kia Optima - Dream

I'm sorry, but this Sandman is scary as hell.

Rick Gervais - Time Warner Cable

Mary-Louise Parker running from Walking Dead zombies. Mary-Louise Parker running from Walking Dead zombies!

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Hmm, The Metlife one is a pretty blatant ripoff of the recent Muller "Wonderful Stuff" campaign;