Voice Actor Phil LaMarr Runs Down Some of His Most Famous Work

Samurai Jack, one of Phil LaMarr’s most popular characters.
Samurai Jack, one of Phil LaMarr’s most popular characters.
Image: Cartoon Network

Samurai Jack. Green Lantern John Stewart. Kit Fisto. Phil LaMarr has voiced some of the most compelling animated characters of the past two decades. In a new video, LaMarr talks through some of those fantastic roles.

In an interview video with Vanity Fair, LaMarr goes through a list of his roles, discussing his experiences, sharing behind-the-scenes factoids, and showing that he can still do all those voices—yes, even Virgil from Static Shock. He’s an animated, compelling interviewee, and he clearly has a lot of fun with his job.

In animation, and video games, for that matter, LaMarr’s voice is one of the most familiar sounds around. He’s a protean creator, able to give life to such a wide variety of voices that I’m occasionally surprised and delighted to find out that, yes, that character was voiced by Phil LaMarr, too.


Not a lot of the roles he discusses here are still on the air, unfortunately. Though there’s a chance he may spend more time as Kit Fisto in the final season of The Clone Wars, airing now on Disney Plus.

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Man, I hope if they pull the trigger on a Diggle centered green lantern show, that they pull him in for a cameo/recurring role...  As someone who’s entry into the DC universe was through the animated series, John Stewart is my GL.