You don't need a spaceship, or even much time, to visit the alien worlds in these 12 whimsical animated films. Each planet has its own quirky personality, its own creature design, and a particular musical soundtrack.

We've featured some of the individual shorts from Andy Martin's Illustrated Aliens, but with their distinct visual and musical styles, all twelve shorts work together as a fabulous cosmic mixtape. Some of the shorts of silly, while others are more philosophical. Running though all of them is a striking sense of graphic and sound design—and strong comic timing. You're sure to come away from these 12 films with a smile on your face.

You can see Martin's development work from the series on his Illustrated Aliens Tumblr and purchase prints of the aliens and their worlds through Society6.

Planet One kicks things off with a happy song that has a surprising consequence:


Planet Two cycles through one world's Rat Race:

Planet Three has an unusual neon-colored ecosystem:


Planet Four reveals what robots talk about once they've taken over a planet:

Planet Five is a tour through a luminous evolutionary progression:


The claymation people of Planet Six just don't get along:

Meanwhile, the denizens of Planet Seven reflect on their absurdly peaceful lives:


Planet Eight is a dangerous to eat (unless you're a tree):

Peer pressure can be deadly on Planet Nine, where all kids have superpowers:


The dead of Planet Ten aren't as menacing as they seem:

On Planet Eleven, everyone is on the run:


And Planet Twelve is the perfect bookend, finishing the series off with an apocalyptic song: