Sandy Collora, creator of classic fan films like Batman: Dead End, and the recent feature Hunter Prey, is a concept designer whose creatures and costumes are legendary. He's known for his ability to create professional-looking practical effects on a shoestring, and now he's about to start work on his next feature, Shallow Water. He's trying to raise $250,000 to complete the entire film, which is a pretty tight budget for a feature - especially one with a lot of special effects. If you want to support indie monster movies, now's the time to kick in a little cash and help Collora out.

We've also got an exclusive gallery of Collora's concept art for characters and creatures in the film.


Click to view Here's the official synopsis:

Nestled deep in the most uncharted part of the Sea of Cortez in Baja Mexico sits a tiny Island you will not find on any map. On this Island is a volcanic crater that forms a lagoon. During certain times of the year, when the tides and moon are just right, massive schools of fish in a crazy feeding frenzy, will chase churning bait balls into this shallow lagoon which is better known as Lago de Sangre... the Lake of Blood.

"Shallow Water" follows a small group of hardcore fishermen and adventurers who are trying to find this mystical place — hoping to observe this freakish occurrence and get a chance at catching a world record size fish.

Their journey begins when they cross the border into Mexico — eventually winding up in a tiny pueblo where, at the local watering hole, a retired gringo who is now living down there, turns them on to a grizzled old Mexican man that can take them out to the Island and show them this magical lagoon.

However, once they team up with a pair of fellow explorers and find the Lago de Sangre, they also discover something they don't expect... They realize very quickly that they're not alone. One by one, members of the expedition seem to mysteriously disappear…

Tension builds within the group, eventually pitting them against each other. Meanwhile, a prehistoric creature lurks around them in the shallow waters, carrying out its primordial instincts to feed...


You can learn more, and donate, via Kickstarter