In the bucolic New Jersey town of West Milford lies the abandoned remains of a military aircraft. Despite crashing almost 50 years ago, no one's thought to entirely clean it up. Shades of Mr. Eko's beechcraft, anyone?

In 1962, a Lockheed T2V-1 SeaStar crashed in West Milford, which is approximately 50 miles from Manhattan. The jet hit ~900 feet from a nearby neighborhood, and its remains can be accessed today from a cul-de-sac.


The folks at Scouting NY recently visited the site and were struck by the fact that it'd been totally abandoned:

Words really really can't describe how surreal it is to come across something so out of place (though I definitely started having Lost flashbacks) [...] According to the West Milford Messenger, in 1962, two pilots flying a training mission out of Brooklyn's Floyd Bennett Field had a flame out and crashed into "a "'heavily wooded swamp' reportedly infested with poisonous snakes" [...] Incredibly, despite the ejection system failing, both pilots survived the crash and were found standing near the wreckage by the first officials on the scene.

After the engine was removed, the rest of the plane was left to rot. A little bit of Google elbow grease should reveal the location of the jet to you, but be forewarned that the environs are full of poison ivy. You can see more photos over at Scouting NY, and here's a video of Weird NJ's trip to the jet.