Virtuality's Future Doesn't Look Promising

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Is Ron Moore's new show Virtuality going to take the "Most Troubled SF Show On Fox" crown away from Joss Whedon's Dollhouse? Listening to Fox network president Kevin Reilly, you'd be forgiven for thinking so.

Talking during an appearance at the current Television Critics Association Press Tour, Reilly told reporters that the pilot for the new series from Battlestar Galactica's main man was currently being recut... and that its new running time will be one hour, instead of the original two. Reilly said,

It could air as-is, and a certain segment of the audience would flip for it. But it's a little dense.


Translation: We don't trust our viewers to deal with an intelligent show, so we're willing to chop half of it away to make it a bit more palatable to dumb people. Not the greatest way to raise expectations for a show that's already been plagued by rumors of it being in trouble.

It wasn't all bad news, however, Reilly did hint that Fringe will see a second season (calling the show "a keeper"), and that Dollhouse may not be as doomed as you've heard.

Kevin Reilly talks 'Fringe,' 'Dollhouse,' 'NBC' ... [THR Live Feed]


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Why on earth to people still try and get good shows on FOX? I wonder why SciFi didn't pick up Virtuality. Bah!