Virtuality's Audience Is Lost In Space

Yes, Dollhouse may have lowered the bar for "success" for Fox's Sci-Fi shows, but even with that in mind, the audience for last night's Virtuality airing suggests that the show will never make it to series.


Suggesting that Fox execs knew what they were doing by jettisoning the show in the Friday night death slot - or, perhaps, that they created a self-fulfilling prophecy by doing so - the former pilot for Ron Moore's new show turned "two hour movie event" drew only 1.8 million viewers and tied with ABC's The Goode Family for the title of least-watched show on network television for the night (By comparison, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled with an audience twice that size).

It'll be interesting to see the DVR numbers for Virtuality in a few weeks - we wouldn't be surprised if it gets a Transformers-related bump, although nowhere near enough to have made the show make sense as an ongoing series.

Fox's 'Virtuality' tanks [THR Live Feed]

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