Ronald D. Moore has cast the most complex character from his new backdoor pilot Virtuality. James D'Arcy will play Roger Fallon, who has a weird double role, and a major conflict of interest, aboard the starship Phaeton. He's the mashup of Gaius Baltar and the Cylon Brother Cavil whose twisted manipulations you'll be talking about for days afterwards.

As we reported on before, Virtuality follows a 12-man crew aboard Earth's first starship, Phaeton, that embarks on a 10-year journey to explore far-off solar systems. D'Arcy's character, Fallon, is both the crew's therapist and the producer of the reality show they star in.


Fallon uses his job as the crew's therapist to influence their actions, including urging characters to stir up drama for the television show. D'Arcy was Sherlock in the UK television and also appeared in An American Haunting, but let's not hold that against him. [Hollywood Reporter]