Virgin Gives It Up For Independent Comics Publisher

Remember Superbia, the Virgin comic we mentioned back in April about superheroes living in the suburbs? The one that was sort of a mash-up of Justice League and Desperate Housewives, which the Sci Fi Channel was developing into a TV show? Turns out a Chicago independent comics creator has been doing his own comic, with the same title and concept, since 2003. What happened when Superbia creator Matt Kubinski brought his creation to the attention of a media giant with Deepak Chopra on its side? The answer may surprise you. Virgin totally caved, canceling all development of their own series. Which means we may never get to see the comics writing debut of Lisa Klink, who wrote so many of Star Trek: Voyager's least memorable episodes. It also means the Sci Fi Channel no longer has a new replacement for Eureka in the pipeline. Kubinski, who's been self-publishing Superbia on his own Evigen Invasion press, was hoping Virgin would give him some kind of credit in their project. Alternatively, Virgin could have changed the name of their comic and altered it enough that it no longer resembled Kubinski's. Instead, Virgin decided to pull the plug. Maybe it's because they read Graeme's open letter? [Geek To Me]


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