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Vintage Science Illustrations Get Animated In This Trippy Music Video

The music video for Fanfarlo's "Cell Song" is made of vintage images from science journals, encyclopedias, and magazines that have been animated and remixed into surreal trip through cells, space, and more.


Ewan Jones Morris directed and animated this video, and it's great fun—a warped science illustration fever dream.


[via Directors Notes]

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It's interesting to watch music videos now in light of the great changes that have happened to the music industry. The majority of videos that you see are created at a very small percentage of the budget of your average 90's music video, and so most of the time you're watching the desperate inventiveness of one or two artists working on a stupidly small budget. This has caused a lot of videos to have a very contained desktop-made feel like this one, which is texturally novel, but certainly lacks the energy and scope of an actual production with sets and extras etc. In a way though, perhaps it's fitting that all of this overproduced hipster lounge music is set against small scale in its visuals. Someday though, when Rock and roll comes back—music that actually feels chaotic and wild and dangerous and subversive—directors will need to capture that spirit. And that's going to be difficult with your etch a sketch.