Vincent D'Onofrio is the villain in Jurassic World, not a dinosaur

Illustration for article titled Vincent DOnofrio is the villain in emJurassic World/em, not a dinosaur

We were kind of hoping it would be a dinosaurs-with-guns Jurassic World.


Entertainment Weekly announced that Vincent D'Onofrio (Men in Black, The Cell) has been cast as lead villain in the fourth Jurassic Park installment, Jurassic World. Which is good because he is a good and that makes two people we like in the new Jurassic Park movie (Chris Pratt and D'Onofio). No details on who his character is and why he hates/loves/wants to destroy/ride the dinosaurs from the park.


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Why do Jurassic Park movies need human villains...aren't the dinosaurs enough?