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Vin Diesel's Underground Website Still Rocks Our World

Even the wreck of Babylon A.D. hasn't dampened our enthusiasm for Vin Diesel, whose performance in near-future 2002 spy flick xXx still just plain rules. He plays Xander, a guy whose politically-subversive Jackass-style stunts have made him a hit on "underground websites." This scene, from early in the film, shows Diesel in full action-geek mode, talking to his webcams about why he's about to total this car he stole because it belongs to a politician who is trying to ban videogames. I love the party he throws after his successful stunt, where some chick tries to get him to "sell out" to the videogame industry, and another one exclaims, "I have an underground website to run!" xXx is a seriously fun and awesome flick, with the NSA kidnapping web subversive Diesel to get some kind of USB device from the bad guys. [xXx via IMDB]

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"hey i just saw xXx."

"xXx? i saw that 6 years ago!"

"yeah, wanna talk about it now?"

"no, looser."